Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Banners deliver a message and attract interest. Sometimes, something as simple as text is all that your banner needs. However, some events like Sponsorship programs, Little League events and more require some more exciting graphics. Pasadena Sign Company’s Design Team can help transform your banner into an eye-catching point of interest.

You should account for several key variables for your custom banner in Houston. For example, are you already aware of the size of the mounting location? If you’re planning on using your banner at a tradeshow or conference, the mounting space is typically predetermined.

Be aware of the distance that your banner will be from readers. For instance, a roadside banner will need to be much larger than a banner fixed to a table. Keep in mind how close other competitive banners might be. If you’re at a busy industry event, your design may need to push the limits of your brand’s style guidelines to have a chance of being noticed.

Colors that are contrasting and use bright colors may be more attention-grabbing. Text that uses a large font-size with limited copy may also appeal to the eye. It’s important that you reconcile color contrast with your brand style guide. If you have established colors and font sizes for your branding collateral, our Houston banner company can work with your style guide to create the best possible banner promotion!

Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect banner design to deliver your message.

Sign FAQs

Is there a Standard Size for a sign?
All signs are custom-built. However, there are common sizes that accommodate raw material dimensions. The most common sizes for signs come as Sign Cabinets, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, and Pole Signs. These Signs for the most part are square and are built to raw material dimensions available to a sign fabricator. The variables that determine what size your sign should be is, where will your sign be installed and what is your budget. When your sign consultant identifies where the sign will be installed and what you can invest, it is easy to develop a custom sign for your business.
Do we need to meet so I can get an estimate?
When you call in for an estimate we go through a quick checklist that help us determine your specific need. Some customers already have exactly what they need so we can provide them with a very quick and accurate quote. For some customers this is their first time looking into buying a sign, they want a sign but don’t know where to start. Through our questions, google map, and our software we can we loosely identify enough information for an informal estimate, however we do conduct a technical survey before entering into a contract. If we are not able to identify specific information on the phone due the nature of our customers needs, we schedule a meeting to conduct a technical site survey so that we can identify dimensions, locations, electrical, colors, and other variables. With this information we develop a scope of work. Once we have the scope of work identified we can provide an estimate. Some projects require a technical site survey for an estimate and others do not.
I Need A Sign, What’s Next?
We need to identify the type of sign you need for your business.  A sign for you can be very different from a sign that you see at other businesses.  We provide you with options to view and identify potential sign types for you.  There are a few options availble for you so we need to see if you would like a Pylon Sign, a Pole Sign, Channel Letters or a Sign Cabinet.  Your specific needs with what you can do at your location will determine what sign you can purchase.  Where will you want your sign?  Is it a sign that will be on the exterior wall of your building?  Do you want a sign that is on the ground next to the street?  Will your city allow you to permit the sign you want on your property?  We work with you to identify what type of sign is allowable at your location and we work with you to identify the type of sign that can be the best investment for your business.  Going through the process of identifying what your needs are and developing a Scope of Work is the next step when looking to invest in your sign.