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Is it time to brighten your brand? Are you tired of your old signage? Which Houston sign company to work with? Pasadena Sign Company has the knowledge and resources to help you achieve your goals.

We speak the language of sign. There are many types of signs to choose from, with overlapping uses in different industries. No wonder many companies need help identifying the correct sign type. This page will inspire and help you identify some different signage types. In addition to traditional storefront signage, Pasadena Sign offers graphic, architectural, logo, and web design to unify your visual identity and present a consistent brand image. We can work with you to make sure the message your company delivers to your customers is reflected in all your signage and marketing materials.

How To Tell When It’s Time for New Signage

Certain signs should never be ignored, and when it comes to your business signage, timely updates improve the look of your image and give customers more confidence in their interactions with you. With Pasadena Sign Company’s wide array of options for custom signage, it is easy to tell when the time is right for a replacement or upgrade.      

Whether you need an entirely new sign system or just a few components changed out, our team can help identify what’s needed based on an inspection of existing signs and an assessment of current trends in sign design. Old and outdated signs can detract from customer engagement, while fresh designs attract attention and deliver critical messages quickly while staying consistent with brand identity.

When considering whether new signage is necessary, ask yourself if some aspects, like colors, are fading or if graphics seem outdated compared to today’s standards. Are there lighting issues such as dimness or flickering? Are materials starting to show wear and tear beyond regular use? If any answer yes, then now may be the perfect time for a revamp!

Attract New Customers When You Change Up Your Signage

One way to attract new customers is by changing your old signs. Permanent signs, like those on your building itself, in your office park, or displayed in your lobby, can often look worn out and dated, dilapidated, and hard to read. Changing these signs gets your company noticed immediately. A new interior sign made of modern materials and crisp, clean graphics in your office lobby or front of your store will stand out from the competition. Even if customers do not need your service right now, your sign will stick out in their minds and give the image of a legitimate and respectable business.

Whatever look your business needs, trust Pasadena Sign Company to help make your signage dreams a reality.

Channel-Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs are popular for businesses looking to make an impact. These 3D signs, available through Pasadena Sign Company, provide a bold and eye-catching way to convey your message.

With various illumination options, such as LED or neon lighting, these signs can be customized in multiple ways to suit the look and feel of your business. Additionally, they offer superior visibility compared to traditional flat signage due to their three-dimensional shape, which stands out even at night.

The installation process is quick and straightforward thanks to the modular design of Channel Letter Signs—individual parts can easily be replaced if needed without having to replace the entire sign system. This makes them cost-effective in both the initial investment and long-term maintenance costs while also providing flexibility when it comes time for updating messages or graphics on your sign face!

Monument Signs

Monument signs are an iconic form of signage that can be used to give a business or organization’s presence a sense of authority and permanence. At Pasadena Sign Company, we offer monument signs with custom designs and materials tailored to suit any need.

Our monument signs can be made from durable materials such as metals, plastics, and stone-like structures, depending on our clients’ preferred style. We have experienced sign makers who will work closely with you to create something unique for your business or organization that looks great while also representing its core values. The end result is a one-of-a-kind sign crafted specifically for you!

We understand the importance of making sure your monument sign stands out among all other signage in your area – so we strive to use only top-quality materials and craftsmanship when creating them for our clients. In addition, our team seeks out innovative solutions to ensure each project exceeds expectations when it comes time for installation – including everything from engineering calculations through design reviews up until completion – all within budget!

Interior Signs

At Pasadena Sign Company, we offer a range of interior signage options to meet any need. So whether you are looking for a subtle wayfinding sign or an eye-catching display sign, we have the perfect solution. Our signage is designed to provide clear directions and messaging while blending seamlessly with your existing decor.

We specialize in creating custom signs tailored to fit any space or style. From illuminated signs and wall graphics to ADA-compliant directional signs, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your interior signage is exactly what you need it to be. With an impressive selection of materials and installation options available, Pasadena Sign Company has everything necessary to make sure your message stands out from the crowd!

LED Signs

At Pasadena Sign Company, we offer a variety of sign types for businesses and organizations. One of the most popular choices is LED signs, which create vibrant displays that are sure to draw attention.

LED signs are an excellent choice for any business or organization looking to make a statement with their signage. These dynamic displays can be customized with vivid colors and eye-catching graphics, making them an ideal way to stand out from the competition. Furthermore, LED signs use energy-efficient lighting technology and long-lasting bulbs, so your sign will look great without breaking your budget. Low maintenance requirements and an easy installation process make this type of signage perfect for any business or organization looking to add some personality to their branding efforts!

Lighted Signs

At Pasadena Sign Company, we offer a variety of lighted signs to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. Our selection includes both traditional neon and modern LED displays that can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Lighted signs provide bright, eye-catching visuals that draw attention in any setting. Whether you need a sign for storefront advertising, point-of-sale promotions, or event signage, our custom designs will ensure your message stands out from the crowd. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to create vibrant colors with long-lasting durability, precision, accuracy, and energy efficiency! With an array of sizes, shapes, and mounting options available for each design we create – your imagination is truly the limit when it comes to lighted signs!

Pole Signs

Pole signs are popular for businesses and organizations looking to advertise their presence. At Pasadena Sign Company, we specialize in designing and creating eye-catching pole signs that can be seen from a distance. With our custom designs, you can draw attention from pedestrians and motorists to your business or organization.

Our pole signs come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors so that you can choose the right design for your sign. We also offer illuminated options that make reading the sign easier at night or during inclement weather conditions. Additionally, all of our poles are strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions while remaining attractive enough that they won’t detract from the aesthetics of your business frontage or landscape layout.

With Pasadena Sign Company’s pole signage solutions, you get more than just a great-looking product; you also get reliable service backed by years of experience in the field. For example, suppose you’re looking for an effective way to reach potential customers with a message about what sets your business apart. In that case, investing in one of these high-quality poles is undoubtedly worth considering!

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are an excellent option for businesses looking to make an impact with their signage. These tall, eye-catching displays make your business stand out from the competition and draw attention to your location. At Pasadena Sign Company, we offer various pylon sign options ranging from illuminated LED models to traditional vinyl designs. With our help, you can create the perfect pylon sign that meets all your needs while staying within budget. So whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bold and dynamic, we have what it takes to bring your vision into reality!

Vinyl Banners

At Pasadena Sign Company, we provide many signage solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. One of the most popular options is the vinyl banner. Vinyl banners are easy to install, lightweight, and highly durable – perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. With vibrant colors that last in any environment, these signs offer an eye-catching way to market your business or event.

Vinyl banners can be used for various applications, from trade show displays to grand openings or special offers – whatever you need! With our custom printing capabilities, you can create unique designs that will help promote your message effectively while staying within budget. In addition, our state-of-the-art production facilities ensure quick turnaround times, so you won’t have long wait times when placing orders with us!

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Signage is an important part of any business. It communicates to the public who you are and what you offer. For businesses in the Pasadena area, Pasadena Sign Company can provide various options to meet any business’s needs. From Channel Letter signs to Monument signs and LED signs, they have the options and expertise to help companies to create the perfect sign for their unique needs. Whether you need a sign to give directions, advertise a special event, or just display your business name, Pasadena Sign Company has you covered. Get a quote from Pasadena Sign Company today!