Brighten Up Your Houston Business with Custom Made Lighted Signs

Even though traditional neon signs have a vibe many find appealing, many business owners don’t consider this an excellent investment considering the repair and maintenance costs involved in owning or operating one. On the other hand, modern technology has given us LED lighted signs that look like neon signs but with longer lifespans and far less maintenance or upkeep cost.

You can enjoy the classic neon look through LED bulbs which are high in efficiency and low in energy use. You’ll get the retro vibe, but the environmental footprint is better. If you’d love the classic feel that neon signs provide but don’t like the price tag, we’re here to call.

What Are Lighted Signs?

Lighted signs are an excellent way for businesses to promote their brand and communicate with customers in an eye-catching manner. These illuminated signs use LED technology to deliver messages effectively, enhancing the visibility of your business even in low-light conditions. Whether looking for interior or exterior signage, lighted signs provide vibrant illumination that stands out from traditional sign solutions.

Lighted signs can also be customized according to different needs and purposes, making them versatile enough to accommodate any business installation requirements. From channel letters and wall packs, all the way through neon lighting strips – these illuminated displays offer unbeatable value when it comes down to promoting brands on large-scale projects like storefronts or corporate offices alike!

Benefits of Using Lighted Signs for Businesses in Texas

There are several advantages to investing in lighted signs to promote your Houston business or Texas brand. Lighted signs provide an eye-catching display that attracts attention from a broad audience. They make it easier for customers and potential clients to find your business at night or during inclement weather conditions when natural lighting is unavailable.

Lighted signs also offer excellent energy efficiency as they typically use LED bulbs which consume less electricity than fluorescent or neon lights. Furthermore, the longevity of these light sources can help reduce overall maintenance costs associated with sign-upkeep over time.

In addition to aesthetics and cost savings benefits, illuminated signage offers greater flexibility when customizing designs according to a particular business’s needs than traditional nonlighted displays such as banners or painted murals on walls. With this versatility, any company can choose the optimum size and location for its sign depending on space restrictions or other factors while ensuring that the message being conveyed is visible even from long distances.

Different Types of Lighted Signs and How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Lighted signs are an effective and versatile way to advertise a business. From bright neon lights to LED displays, there is a wide range of options for companies looking for signage that stands out from the crowd.

When choosing between these different types of lighted signs, it’s essential to consider the unique needs of your business. For example, an outdoor sign may need more durability than one installed indoors, while a mobile display must be lightweight enough for transportation without sacrificing brightness or quality. It’s also essential to understand local zoning regulations when deciding on any kind of lighting system, as well as energy-efficiency requirements like wattage limits or even solar power solutions, depending on where you live and what type of sign you choose.

Houston, TX, businesses are increasingly turning to sophisticated lighted signs to stand out from the competition. From illuminated storefronts to dynamic indoor displays, these creative solutions can provide an attractive and highly visible presence for stores and restaurants alike.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Sign Company to Install Your Lighted Sign in Houston, TX

For businesses in Houston, TX looking to install a lighted sign that stands out from the competition, hiring a professional sign company is one of the best investments they can make. A reputable and experienced team will be able to create an eye-catching design that utilizes top-notch materials to ensure maximum visibility. Additionally, by working with professionals well-versed in installation and maintenance methods, businesses can rest assured that their signs will last for years.

The combination of superior craftsmanship and expertise in lighting technology makes professionally installed lighted signs an ideal choice for any business wishing to maximize its brand’s exposure while ensuring they get value for money spent on signage solutions. Through strategic positioning of lights along with efficient electrical wiring techniques used by trained staff members provides optimal illumination every time without fail!

When considering using lighted signs in Houston, TX, for your business, it is important to understand the benefits and types of lighted signs available. Pasadena Sign Company provides expert advice that helps you decide what type of signage best represents your business needs. Choose Pasadena Sign Company for all lighted sign needs!

Pasadena Sign Company Can Help You with Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are an essential part of a business’s overall branding strategy. When investing in lighted signage, it’s important to pick the right company to make sure you get high-quality and reliable products delivered on time. Pasadena Sign Company has been providing outstanding customer service for years, so if you’re looking for the perfect sign solutions for your business, then look no further – Choose Pasadena Sign Company for all your lighted sign needs!

Sign FAQs

Is there a Standard Size for a sign?
All signs are custom-built. However, there are common sizes that accommodate raw material dimensions. The most common sizes for signs come as Sign Cabinets, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, and Pole Signs. These Signs for the most part are square and are built to raw material dimensions available to a sign fabricator. The variables that determine what size your sign should be is, where will your sign be installed and what is your budget. When your sign consultant identifies where the sign will be installed and what you can invest, it is easy to develop a custom sign for your business.
Do we need to meet so I can get an estimate?
When you call in for an estimate we go through a quick checklist that help us determine your specific need. Some customers already have exactly what they need so we can provide them with a very quick and accurate quote. For some customers this is their first time looking into buying a sign, they want a sign but don’t know where to start. Through our questions, google map, and our software we can we loosely identify enough information for an informal estimate, however we do conduct a technical survey before entering into a contract. If we are not able to identify specific information on the phone due the nature of our customers needs, we schedule a meeting to conduct a technical site survey so that we can identify dimensions, locations, electrical, colors, and other variables. With this information we develop a scope of work. Once we have the scope of work identified we can provide an estimate. Some projects require a technical site survey for an estimate and others do not.
I Need A Sign, What’s Next?
We need to identify the type of sign you need for your business.  A sign for you can be very different from a sign that you see at other businesses.  We provide you with options to view and identify potential sign types for you.  There are a few options availble for you so we need to see if you would like a Pylon Sign, a Pole Sign, Channel Letters or a Sign Cabinet.  Your specific needs with what you can do at your location will determine what sign you can purchase.  Where will you want your sign?  Is it a sign that will be on the exterior wall of your building?  Do you want a sign that is on the ground next to the street?  Will your city allow you to permit the sign you want on your property?  We work with you to identify what type of sign is allowable at your location and we work with you to identify the type of sign that can be the best investment for your business.  Going through the process of identifying what your needs are and developing a Scope of Work is the next step when looking to invest in your sign.