Pylon and Tenant Signs in Houston, TX

At Pasadena Sign, we know the importance of investing in visibility. This is why we deliver high-quality pylon signs tailored to suit your business identity and budget. We know pylon signs aren’t just for attraction purposes. They must also serve as directional signs, so potential customers know where to check out your business. They are often used as tenant signs, indicating all businesses located within a shopping center or business park.

What Are Pylon and Tenant Signs?

Pylon and tenant signs are powerful marketing and branding tools for businesses in Texas. They can help create a more memorable experience for customers, illuminating landmarks and defining the personality of your business. Both pylons and tenant signs are designed to be durable, resisting even the harshest weather conditions while capturing attention from afar.

Pylon signs serve as marking points, typically situated outside retail centers or stand-alone units on highways or streets; these often have an accompanying LED light element to illuminate their message during dark hours or maintain visibility while passing traffic at night. Tenant Signs also convey messages like pylons but instead mark out individual stores within an established complex—adding definition to space with unique advertising opportunities that might otherwise not exist due to a lack of visibility from street level viewed alone.

Ultimately, these strategic signage elements allow businesses in Texas to draw attention by clearly identifying themselves among competitors while communicating essential details regarding the location within each property they occupy – creating inviting environments that facilitate more significant customer interaction through consistent visuals guests will remember when returning time after time!

The Benefits of Pylon Signs

Pylon and tenant signs can serve as invaluable tools for marketing, communication, and branding for businesses in Texas. Companies can broadcast their message to potential customers using these signage options while simultaneously promoting a professional corporate identity.

From directional guides at the entrance of a building to spectacular illuminated signs that stand out among tall cityscape buildings – pylon and tenant signs offer an unparalleled level of versatility that helps grab attention. Businesses looking for impactful advertising opportunities have succeeded with strategically placed schemes such as tower signs or monument sides near significant highways or thoroughfares within the metro area. These large-scale outdoor visuals entice visitors from far distances and encourage people to seek out the business from brief glimpses during driving trips around town.

As well as providing flexibility regarding size and shape requirements commonly associated with successful campaigns, this signage also offers robustness against weather conditions like snowstorms, high winds buffeting against flat surfaces, etc.; this strength enables all day/night visibility– even if temperatures drop significantly below freezing point during most Winter months! In addition, the glowing LED bulbs fitted into pylon/tenant signage make them particularly potent at drawing people’s eyes towards them – even when other nearby lights are turned off due to lack of usage hours!

How to Choose the Right Sign for Your Business

When selecting the right sign for your business, it is essential to consider the unique nuances of Texas. With a wide range of styles and materials available, knowing what will best capture the attention of potential customers in this state is essential. Consider composing a design that truly represents your brand by using features that emphasize uniqueness and memorability, such as vibrant colors, striking shapes, and bold fonts. In addition, use robust materials such as aluminum or stainless steel to ensure long-term durability in any weather conditions found in Texas. By thoroughly understanding both style elements and material capabilities, you can make an informed decision when crafting the perfect sign for your business needs!

Ready To Order? Pasadena Sign Company 

Pylon signs are similar to pole signs but are not as high. They are made from heavier materials and have a larger base to support the sign. They are best for businesses that need to offer more information about their different services.

On the other hand, tenant signs are signs put in business complexes with more than one facility. They are suitable for open-air malls, business parks, and shopping malls. If you need help deciding what sign to choose for your company, you can call us and let us help you.

Pylon and tenant signs are essential tools for Texas businesses, as they attract attention from potential customers. Knowing what these signs can do for your business, the regulations that pertain to them, and how to choose the right sign will help you make sure you’re making a beneficial choice. When you need the best pylon and tenant sign designs available in Houston, TX., be sure to call Pasadena Sign Company!

Sign FAQs

Is there a Standard Size for a sign?
All signs are custom-built. However, there are common sizes that accommodate raw material dimensions. The most common sizes for signs come as Sign Cabinets, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, and Pole Signs. These Signs for the most part are square and are built to raw material dimensions available to a sign fabricator. The variables that determine what size your sign should be is, where will your sign be installed and what is your budget. When your sign consultant identifies where the sign will be installed and what you can invest, it is easy to develop a custom sign for your business.
Do we need to meet so I can get an estimate?
When you call in for an estimate we go through a quick checklist that help us determine your specific need. Some customers already have exactly what they need so we can provide them with a very quick and accurate quote. For some customers this is their first time looking into buying a sign, they want a sign but don’t know where to start. Through our questions, google map, and our software we can we loosely identify enough information for an informal estimate, however we do conduct a technical survey before entering into a contract. If we are not able to identify specific information on the phone due the nature of our customers needs, we schedule a meeting to conduct a technical site survey so that we can identify dimensions, locations, electrical, colors, and other variables. With this information we develop a scope of work. Once we have the scope of work identified we can provide an estimate. Some projects require a technical site survey for an estimate and others do not.
I Need A Sign, What’s Next?
We need to identify the type of sign you need for your business.  A sign for you can be very different from a sign that you see at other businesses.  We provide you with options to view and identify potential sign types for you.  There are a few options availble for you so we need to see if you would like a Pylon Sign, a Pole Sign, Channel Letters or a Sign Cabinet.  Your specific needs with what you can do at your location will determine what sign you can purchase.  Where will you want your sign?  Is it a sign that will be on the exterior wall of your building?  Do you want a sign that is on the ground next to the street?  Will your city allow you to permit the sign you want on your property?  We work with you to identify what type of sign is allowable at your location and we work with you to identify the type of sign that can be the best investment for your business.  Going through the process of identifying what your needs are and developing a Scope of Work is the next step when looking to invest in your sign.